King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo – Review & Ultimate Guide

Have you ever been fond of giant monsters and how they destroy and conquer the entire cities? Well, Kind of Tokyo is a game which brings the experience of becoming the ultimate conqueror of the cities with the help of giant monsters which the Japanese call Kaiju. King of Tokyo has become so popular that people have also started gambling over the game. Although it is not a casino game, a group of friends can sit together and enjoy this game while using their skills and luck.

The game contains the famous monsters from the movies and animes which are popular in Japan, and also around the world such as Godzilla, King Kong, and Rodan. It is a game with hours of involvement in conquering new cities and destroying seizing other’s properties with super beasts and powers.



Play as several fictional beasts and monsters and rampage the cities for the position of the one and only kind of Tokyo. Seems pretty easy but the main trouble only begins when you become the king.

Who will be the king of Tokyo?

The throne is for anyone to conquer by becoming monsters and fight with each other for supremacy. As the first step is to become a massive beast which can destroy the entire city in one swipe, the second step is to roll a dice. The players roll dice, score victory points, fill up their energies for new abilities and attack other monsters. The game gets interesting after someone becomes the king as then the player is playing against all the other players in the game. But as a king, the player gets dice rolling, card drafting, press-your-luck mechanics to eliminate other players and secure area of influence. To win the game, one must either secure 20 victory points by destroying Tokyo or be the only surviving player of the game.


In the box

In the King of Tokyo box, you will get excellent production value. The components are neatly crafted with quality materials and high-quality graphics.

The monster character cards have a built-in life tracker and scoring wheel. All the cards are pre-built, made of thick quality cardboard cutouts and a wheel system which can keep track of the progress. The cartoon quality of the cards is also appreciable for being HD and colourful. The dice are also pretty large to make the most out of the game. They are customized for the Kind of Tokyo and add to the fun of the gameplay. You can also get different editions of the game and can also find an American version of the game called “King of New York” which differs slightly from its original version and has added a few more rules. You can also find Powerup sets for the game as well as a Halloween edition if you want to try out a spooky experience.


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